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October 10, 2019
Dr. Claudia T.


Managing Director, HOCH-N Project

Dr. Claudia T. Schmitt, Dipl.-Psych., is managing director and scientific coordinator of the Center for a Sustainable University at Universität Hamburg and initiated the German HOCH-N-project “Sustainability at Higher Education Institutions: develop – network – report”. She is involved in research on organizational psychology, value-based behavior, and innovation processes.

Dr. Schmitt is board member of the Hamburg Climate Week and in the team lead for implementing education for sustainable development at higher education institutions in the City State of Hamburg. She is editor of a book on Psychology and Sustainable Development published in 2018 and was initiator and chief executive officer of the Hamburg Sustainable Development Summit (2017).

Dr. Schmitt gives expert talks, workshops and coachings on sustainability- as well as innovation-related topics. Her main interests in research and application are: transformational leadership and governance; communication and language matters for sustainability processes; and sustainability- and innovation-oriented organizational and human resource development.

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HOCH-N is a project that aims to establish sustainable development in higher education institutions and also create a network of universities nationwide that focus on sustainability.

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