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October 10, 2019


Moderator, Presenter, Media Coach


Experienced International Moderator, Presenter and Media Coach – personally passionate about the issues creating solutions for the future of humanity and life on this planet* – empowering others to improve their communication skills on camera and on stage


German by origin, English by love and language most spoken, feeling international through work, travel and life, Conny has been a journalist most of her working life. 

From local to national to international media, from newspaper to radio to TV, she now brings her journalistic competence and experience as a facilitator to conferences and events in Europe and the Middle East. Customers are German Ministries, the ILO, OECD, UN, World Bank, EU, foundations, NGOs, the corporate world. 

Her core topics(*) are sustainability, global goals, resource efficiency, mobility, climate action, agriculture and food, development cooperation, international supply chains, the labour market, corporate responsibility, human rights and human trafficking – and, as a cross-cutting, all pervasive issue, work and life in the digitized world. Events and customer feedback on


Empowering others to improve their communication skills – on stage, in the boardroom, in front of colleagues or investors. Ingredients for successful coachee transformation: learning the rules of the media world, essential interview behaviour and strategies, (coloured by my experience of thousands of interviews for radio, TV and on stage), scientific media theory and recent neuroscience findings about verbal and non-verbal communication, audience reactions, and crisis response – and practice, practice, practice! Getting your message across was never as important as today. Customers are C and B suite in corporations, SMEs, NGOs. 

Since 2016, I have been a media advisory board member of the think tank Global Economic Solutions, GES.

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