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October 10, 2019


Head of Leadership Development, METRO AG

Julia Juergens, Head of Leadership Development, joined METRO in 2014. Her deeply rooted personal mission is to advance sustainability through responsible leadership. She is the expert for furthering the company’s sustainability impact through leadership development – and devised a special, highly successful leadership program for this purpose.

Apart from her exposure to the international corporate world, Julia has gained extensive, global experience with the inter-governmental non-profit sector, such as with the United Nations. She served mostly in civilian crisis management operations (e.g. in Afghanistan, Sudan, Haiti and Kosovo), where she managed post-war operations and worked to transform governmental institutions and develop their leaders.

Julia holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences (Communications, Political Science & Law) and a Mini-MBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. She is an experienced workshop facilitator, as well as a certified mediator and coach. Furthermore, Julia is an outdoor sports and nature enthusiast – there she finds the perspectives and inspiration which she brings into her work.

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METRO is a partner of many small and mid-sized independent companies. They are working jointly with diverse market players to set tomorrow’s standards: for absolute customer focus, practice-oriented digital solutions and sustainable business models.

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