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October 13, 2022


Club of Rome (Full member)

Trained car mechanic – Studied Medicine and Socioeconomics in tandem – PhD in Medicine – PhD in Socioeconomics – Student of Sir R. Dahrendorf – Over 12 international guest professorships – (Medicine – Finance – Sustainability) – Two boardcertified medical specializations – Multiple sub-specializations – Over 10 years as Vice-chairman of the European Institute of Medicine – Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer in Germany (Saxony) – Senator (2015-2020) of the European Academy of Science and Arts – Member of several international working groups for the European Academy, EU Commission – Political and corporate consulting (GENCAP; INATBA ao.) – Founding member of Alma Mater Europeae – Board of Trustees the World Academy of Arts and Science – Full international Member Club of Rome – Endowed Professor for Psychology & Sustainability – Special expertise and experience in the impact of life science on sustainability issues, especially Psychology of the Anthropocene – Behavioral Finance – Risk analysis – new financial engineering – Over 300 publications and talks – numerous international lecture series – co-author of the report to the Club of Rome (Money and Sustainability 2014) – Coauthor of one of the bestselling textbooks in Germany of the last 25 years – author of ‘The Art of Transformation’ (2016, editions in several languages ) – ‚the Open Society – A Pledge for Freedom and Order (2019) – Financing our Future – (In press 2020). Member of the german Liberal Party (FDP), the national economic forum of the Liberal Party (2020-) – Federal K. Tschirra award 2020 – Member of Friends of the Earth –

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The Club of Rome is a platform of diverse thought leaders who identify holistic solutions to complex global issues and promote policy initiatives and action to enable humanity to emerge from multiple planetary emergencies.

The organisation has prioritised five key areas of impact: Emerging New Civilisations; Planetary Emergency; Reframing Economics; Rethinking Finance; and Youth Leadership and Intergenerational Dialogues.

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